Keep up to date on California Legislation

350 Sonoma, following the lead of the Legislative Committee of 350 Bay Area, tracks key environmental bills in the California Legislature.

Climate Legislation Watch Group

350 Sonoma is launching a new action group to monitor and respond to state legislation related to climate issues. 350 Bay Area’s Legislative Committee, working with other state-wide environmental groups, monitors legislation and helps coordinate actions among local groups on particular bills.  350 Sonoma is in the process of building relationships with our state legislators so that we can more effectively influence their votes.

350 Sonoma’s Legislative Action Group Focusing on Clean Energy and Clean Cars

At this point — it’s still early in the California Legislature’s session — 350 Sonoma’s legislative action group, working closely with 350 Bay Area’s legislative committee, is focusing on two high priority bills: SB 100 and AB 1745.  

How great would it be if at some not too distant time in the future, all of California’s electricity came from wind, solar, or other renewable energy source?  SB 100 would do just that — mandating the end to dirty coal and oil electricity generation by 2045.  But right now SB100 is stuck in the California Assembly. Please email your legislator and tell him/her that you support this important bill!  (Don’t know who your assembly member is? Check here.)

AB 1745 is another critical piece of legislation that would go a long way in moving California to a clean energy future. If passed, AB 1745 would require all new model-year 2040 and later passenger vehicles in California be zero-emissions vehicles.  Right now the bill is in the California Assembly’s Transportation Committee. Whether or not it gets moved out of the committee will probably be decided in mid April. Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (Assembly District 4) is on the Transportation Committee.  If you live in AD 4, please email, tweet, or write Assemblymember Curry today and urge her to vote to move the bill out of committee!

  • Snail mail:  State Capitol, P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0004
  • Telephone:  (State Capitol Office) (916) 319-2004
  • Fax: (State Capitol Office) (916) 319-2104
  • Twitter Handle: @AsmAguiarCurry

Here’s a sample letter or email:  

Dear Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry,

I live in name of town and am asking you to help speed California on its way to a low-carbon future by voting to move AB 1745, the Clean Cars 2040 Act, out of the Transportation Committee. California has been making good progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but we won’t be able to meet our goals unless we transition to zero emission vehicles as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!

Another exciting bill in the California Legislature — AB 1745

Sign the petition to show your support for AB 1745!

AB 1745 (The Clean Cars 2040 Act) is now in the California Legislature.  It would require that newly registered cars be Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEVs) beginning in 2040.

Forty percent of California’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation.  If California is going to meet the greenhouse gas emission reductions set by AB 32 — to be achieved by 2050 — it will need to dramatically increase the number of ZEVs on the road.

Many countries including England, France, China, and India are moving rapidly towards ZEVs.  California’s current regulations set a goal of 5 million ZEVs by 2030.  AB 1745 would move California more quickly toward this goal.



SB 100

The California Legislature just reconvened for the 2018 session and environmentalists from across the state are focusing on Senate Bill 100.  If passed, SB 100 would establish a target of generating 100 percent of California’s retail sales of electricity from renewable energy resources by 2045.  (The bill cleared the Senate last fall and is now in committee in the Assembly.)   If the planet is to avoid catastrophic levels of warming, people must work for the passage of ambitious bills like SB 100.  Please contact your assembly member and urge him/her to support SB 100.  (Not sure who your CA Assembly Member is? Use this link to find out.)