California’s current cap and trade program expires in 2020. SB 775 (Wieckowski), is the Senate leadership’s plan to strengthen and improve the program, and is supported by climate activists around the state. However, there’s a rumor that Governor Brown may be willing to compromise with the oil industry if the legislature can’t pass SB 775, and might release his own bill Thursday, July 6.  In the meantime, we need to work to support a strong and fair program and SB 775 fits the bill. Assembly Member Cristina Garcia (AD58, Bell Gardens) is collecting signatures on a letter that clearly defines the elements of a good bill — and a good successor to the current cap and trade program.

Neither Assembly Member Jim Wood (District 2) nor Assembly Member Marc Levine (District 10) have signed onto Cristina Garcia’s letter.  Please call them and ask them to sign onto the letter and to support SB 775.  (Here’s a link of you’re not sure who your Assembly Member is.)

Jim Wood    916.319.2002

Marc Levine   916.319.2010

For the key excerpt from Cristina Garcia’s letter: 

If cap and trade is extended…it must be designed in a manner that maintains environmental integrity, supports our long-term environmental and air quality goals, and assures that disproportionate pollution burdens are alleviated not exacerbated.  We do not support proposals to use cap and trade to let major polluters off the hook for achieving real emissions reductions in California.