THE BILLS BANNING SINGLE USE PLASTICS (AB 1080 AND SB54) ARE TOP PRIORITY CLIMATE BILLS!  Take action before the Legislative Session ends on Aug 31. 

SB 54 and AB 1080 are companion bills requiring manufacturers and retailers in California to reduce single-use plastic packaging and products by 75 percent by 2030. After 2030, all single-use plastics sold in the state would need to be compostable or recyclable.


  • Banning single use plastics is a critical step to a zero-emissions, zero-waste economy. 
  • Plastics are made from fossil fuel–from cheap by-products of fracking.
  • China no longer accepts cheap plastics for recycling. Plastic recycling is no longer an option.
  • Help vulnerable communities near plastic production facilities, highways used for shipping, and incinerators or landfills. 
  • Address the plastic boom caused by COVID-19
  • Provide financial relief for local governments that spend millions on litter clean up every year
  • Create thousands of green jobs in California


Click here for information on how to email your Senator or Assemblymember. This link also provides sample scripts to urge them to pass the Single Use Plastics bills into law. The offices have been overwhelmed with phone calls lately and have asked for constituents to email instead.

Click here for the social media toolkit!