Burning Biomass for fuel will not protect us fromwildfire! 


Please watch this very importantfilm as soon as you can.  “BURNED: are trees the new coal?“ about thedevastating impacts of the biomass industry is available online. Biomass is being billed as clean, green and sustainable but it is justthe opposite, even more impactful than burning coal.https://burnedthemovie.com

Senator Feinstein introduces a flawed bill,S. 4431 “Emergency Wildfire andPublic Safety Act of 2020”  

Opposing organizations includingthe Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, Earthjustice,Natural Resources Defense Council, and National Parks ConservationAssociation, collectively representing millions of Americans,aresaying that rather than focusing on making our homes and communitiessafer, the bill would result in increased unregulated logging in areasfar from communities and callfor more biomass energy production. 

Read more here to find out why thebill will not do what it says it will do. 


Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)and Steve Daines (R-MT) have co-authored a bill, S.4431, the“Emergency Wildfire and Public Safety Act of 2020” which wouldincrease wildfire risks to communities and ignore environmental laws.Opposing organizations including the Sierra Club, Center forBiological Diversity, Earthjustice, Natural Resources Defense Council,and National Parks Conservation Association, collectively representingmillions of Americans,are saying that rather than focusing on makingour homes and communities safer, the bill would result in increasedunregulated logging in areas far from communities.

Congress needs to directly supportcommunities in hardening homes and creating defensible space, ratherthan spending hundreds of millions for increased logging efforts –which have exacerbated recent fires in the West in areas whereclear-cutting and thinning operations have removed the largest, mostfire-resistant trees. 

  1. 4431 is calling for more biomassenergy production, which spews carbon dioxide and other toxicbyproducts into the air by the ton. This bill completely ignores thevalue of forests as storehouses of carbon.  

Burning forest products in biomassplants is ineffective in protecting communities and forests duringwildfire, is expensive, while masquerading as clean energy, and relieson government subsidies, hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars, sofewer dollars are then available for making us safer. Spending more onbiomass would also take finite resources away from true clean energysources.

  1. 4431 is a discredited, unscientificinitiative that will take us in the wrong direction. It is not a climate solution, will causeheavy increases in carbon released into the atmosphere and willdrastically reduce the ability of forests to store and sequestercarbon. The top fire scientists have shown us that we need to focus ondefensible space and on creating and maintaining fire-safe homes. Thisbill needs to be completely modified, focusing on protecting homes andcommunities.

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 Please contact yoursenators: Let them know you opposeS4431. 

 Joe_Petrzelka@feinstein.senate.gov (DC staff for Feinstein) or202-224-3841

Isaac_Irby@harris.senate.gov   or202-224-3553 Senator Harris who is sponsoring a better bill S.2882 –“The Wildfire Defence Act “

 Bryan_Petit@energy.senate.gov (Demstaff for Senate ENR)