In Sonoma County District 4 an expansive interpretation of RRD (Rural resources and development) zoning would be especially damaging. This is a Community Greenbelt Separator protected by Measure K with an 81 % vote.  Help us push back against this egregious development by making a public comment. PLEASE tell the County that you object to this intense, inappropriate development.

DEADLINE July 6 for Public Comment; Public Hearing July 9.

More information and sample comments here: Defend Community Separators

Sample comment:  Dear Sonoma County Supervisors, BZA Commissioners and Permit Sonoma,

Please vote to deny or delay any action on the proposed luxury resort and event center referred to as “Sonoma Solstice” 3890 Old Redwood Hwy, in a community separator protected by Measure K with 81 percent of the vote. Now is not the time to  move forward on a totally non-essential luxury resort and event center. This is a protected greenbelt in the middle of a burn zone. One public meeting while people are distracted by the worsening pandemic is not enough considering that approval would set a dangerous precedent for future developments. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Name, Title, Organization

Copy and paste to Emails to:

Board of Zoning Adjustments

“Todd Tamura-Chair District 2” <>, “Richard Fogg-District 1” <>

“John Lowry, District 5” <>

“Cameron Mauritson – District 4” <>

“Paula Cook-District 3” <>, <>

“Permit Sonoma Deputy Director Scott Orr” <>

“Planner Tricia Stevens” <>

  CC to: 

 “Supervisor James Gore James Gore”<>

 “Matt Callaway” <>