Project of Sonoma Transit Riders United (SoTRU) 

Sonoma County Transit Riders United  is joining the Bay Area Transit month with activities in the week of Sept 19-23. Public Transit is an important part of transitioning to a carbon free future. SoTru is committed to supporting current riders and building new ridership by improving Transit across Sonoma County and streamlining its connection to the bay area. 

Take the Transit Challenge! Take our Survey and win Prizes! Ride along with your favorite official! All this and more. Check out the link for more info. 

 Transit Month Outreach Packet 

         Why is Public Transit a climate issue? 

  • Transportation accounts for about 60% of our activity based carbon emission in Sonoma Co. 
  • To reach zero carbon by 2030, we need to shift most of our trips from car to transit and active transportation (walking and biking.)

       Currently transportation is a 2 tier system where cars have the upper hand. To Achieve Transit Equity  we need smart planning and investment in public transportation that is reliable, affordable, safe and zero carbon. Please join us by going to the outreach packet link:   Transit Month Outreach Packet   to see how you can support us and get involved.  

To learn more about the greater bay area efforts on expanding and improving transit check out  and 

And if riding a bicycle is your thing, connecting bikes with Transit is win-win!