Thanks to those that have signed our “Keep Climate a Tier 1 Issue” petition!  Please share with friends so that we can double our impact when sending this petition to local city and county officials.

Keep Climate a Tier 1 Issue

Add your voice and Join us in signing a petition to send to our local elected officials asking them to keep Climate as a Tier 1 Issue.  They are dealing with multiple crises, triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic and by the economic and political dysfunction of federal leadership. The list of pressing issues is indeed daunting, but relegating the climate crisis to a second tier concern is ill advised. Climate change is an overarching issue that needs to be at the center of every problem we address. Several of the jurisdictions in Sonoma County have wisely declared climate change an emergency, an existential threat that warrants immediate direct action. We must find ways to quickly decarbonize our energy system, regenerate our soils, and engage our community in new green jobs. In the process, we must examine social inequities and how we can best support every member of our community to survive and thrive in this perilous time. Perhaps most important, we must examine the way we make decisions and the protocols that slow progress unnecessarily.