A group of conservationists from Sonoma County Conservation Action is urging the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to consider implementing a moratorium on county permitted tree cutting in an effort to save and preserve Sonoma County’s iconic oak woodlands.

“For decades, Sonoma County’s iconic oak forests have been excessively cleared in the name of development and vineyards. Much of this county-permitted cutting is being done without rigorous regard for the ecological importance of native oak and forest lands,” said Aja Henry, an assistant field manager with Sonoma County Conservation Action. “A moratorium on tree cutting is imperative for our native habitats as well as our ecological footprint as a county. If we are to really become carbon neutral by 2050, we need a moratorium on cutting until we have a clearer picture of the situation and have developed a realistic climate-oriented tree ordinance to regulate cutting in the future.”

Here is the complete article. https://www.sonomawest.com/sonoma_west_times_and_news/news/sonoma-county-conservation-action-group-aims-to-create-oak-tree-clearing-moratorium/article_bedd6502-717f-11eb-a311-335356df8cca.html

Take action by writing to the Board of Supervisors (or your Supervisor) asking for a moratorium on cutting oaks until a realistic climate-oriented tree ordinance is developed.

District 1 Susan Gorin – Susan.Gorin@sonoma-county.org

District 2 David Rabbitt – David.Rabbitt@sonoma-county.org

District 3 – Chris Coursey – Chris.Coursey@sonoma-county.org

District 4 – James Gore – district4@sonoma-county.org

District 5 – Lynda Hopkins – district5@sonoma-county.org