Consumer Choice that can help with Climate Change

When the electrical grid is overloaded, you can either increase supply (usually through dirty peaker plants) or reduce demand. OhmConnect gets thousands of people to reduce their energy usage during a designated hour and gets paid by the utilities for that, just like they pay energy suppliers. OhmConnect’s members get paid for and become eligible for prizes by reducing their consumption during these designated “OhmHours.” These hours happen about once a week in the winter and 2-3 times a week in the summer. Tip: turn off anything that produces heat or cold – freezer, fridge, range, toaster oven, dishwasher.

When OhmConnect members get new people to sign up and become active, the new member gets $10 and the person who referred them gets $20.  OhmConnect has raised the referral bonus to $40 through the end of January.  Use our link to sign up and 350Sonoma will get the referral money via the account that one of our steering committee committee members has set up   350SonomaFundraiser