In December, the Sonoma CountyBoard of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of a sociallyresponsible investing resolution. The resolution requests, in part,that county Treasurer Erick Roeser make no new or renewed investmentsin corporations financing fossil fuels and immigrant detentioncenters.  Yet Fossil Fuel investment is stillhappening:  As fires burn allaround us, we must recognize that we in essence are financing our owndemise through these investments. We must also come to grips with thefact that we cannot continue to remedy the costs of rebuilding fromnatural disasters with tax measures when our tax dollars aresimultaneously financing the fossil fuel industry.

It is imperative that electedofficials take a stand and act on this sooner rather than later;delaying divesting simply adds fuel to the fires.  Weare asking folks to contact their county supervisors and ask that theyapply pressure on the treasurer to assure that he abide by theSocially Responsible Investing Resolution that they all voted onunanimously last year.