Ask the County Supervisors to Divest from Fossil Fuels and Immigrant Detention Centers 

The Divest from Immigrant Detention Centers (DIDC) group has successfully brought a resolution before the County Board of Supervisors to put a moratorium on our treasurer from making any investments in fossil fuels and detention centers.

We need the Treasurer and our Supervisors to see a lot of community support and pressure to keep this moving forward!  Come help pack the room!  Tuesday, December 10th, 9am, Board of Supervisors Chambers, 575 Administration Drive 102A, Santa Rosa

OR  Email the Board of Supervisors today to urge them to support the Resolution but also let them know that it doesn’t go far enough!

Susan Gorin, 1st District:, David Rabbitt, 2nd District:, Shirley Zane, 3rd District:, James Gore, 4th District:, Lynda Hopkins, 5th District:, and the relevant staff person is: Sheryl Bratton

For details and agenda see:

Support transportation funds going towards alternative transportation modes

The Board of the Sonoma County Transportation Authority (SCTA) will be discussing an update of Measure M, the 2004 ballot measure that established a quarter-cent sales tax targeted toward transportation in our County. 

Fill out survey from the Sonoma County Transportation Authority.  This is an opportunity to let them know we want to see more funding for alternative (to car) transportation: bus, bike, ped, etc

Survey: ttps://

Currently, that quarter-cent sales tax amounts to $22 million per year, allocated as follows: 

  • 40% for freeway widening
  • 40% for local road paving and local road projects
  • 10% for bus transit
  • 5% for SMART train
  • 4% for bike/ped projects
  • 1% for administration

That amounts to 80% for roads and a measly 19% for transit/bike/ped (or “alternative transit”). In a county that has just declared a climate emergency, that is not acceptable!