Sonoma County Climate Action

Educate, Organize, Act!


350 Sonoma, an all-volunteer non-profit, is working to slow climate change and promote climate justice in the county. We're part of 350 Bay Area and inspired by, the international climate action organization founded by Bill McKibbon. We meet the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County, 467 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa. Join us!

Support 350 Sonoma Actions:


This comes from our very busy Sonoma County Democratic Party! You can sign up for “GOTV – Canvassing (Precinct walking)”. 

They are continuing  outreach to Newly Registered Young Voters in Sonoma County. This is very important work and the very heart of grassroots efforts. We’ll knock on doors to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Locations for these canvassing sign ups will be in Santa Rosa. Please click on the link below for more info and to sign up here.

Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations

911 > 711 > !!!

Family faces eviction by 7-Eleven to build a gasoline station!

 In Santa Rosa, 7-Eleven threatens to evict a family from their home of 35 years to build a gas station, creating the perfect storm, combining the housing crisis and climate crisis in one place. A broad range of Sonoma County community, environmental, and social justice groups are in strong opposition to both the eviction and the overall project.

To oppose this project, email, call, or write:  Action Alert: 911-> 711  (this doc has sample script and contact info for which officials to call, email, or write)

Big Climate Bill Passes in the State Assembly

AB 345 would require a 2500 ft setback between oil/gas extraction operations and sensitive communities, including homes, schools, childcare centers and medical facilities. Drilling operations create toxic emissions, and science informs us that 2500 foot setbacks are necessary to protect nearby communities. This is a brave vote for our elected officials to take. We thank Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance) for authoring the bill and our local Assembly members Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Marc Levine, and Jim Wood for voting yes to advance this bill. The bill will now move over to the Senate with lots more work to do and the oil industry ready to fight. Stay tuned for actions you can take to move this important policy into the win category!

This is a really big deal and the beginning of something big if we can just keep building the movement against fossil fuels and for climate sanity.

Sonoma County Climate Activist Community Summit: It’s Up To Us!

Sunday, March 15, 1:30-6:00 PM,  organized by Sonoma County Climate Activist Network (SoCoCAN!)

Presenters include Supervisor Lynda Hopkins, Sonoma County Poet Laureate Maya Khosla, Environmentalist of the Year Woody Hastings, North Bay Organizing Project’s Cory O’Gorman, Elizabeth Kaiser of Singing Frogs Farm, leaders of the local Sunrise Movement, and others.

Topics include Microgrids and Energy Independence, The Rights of Mother Nature, Interconnectedness and Ecology, Transportation Strategies, Regenerative Agriculture, Youth Climate Activism and Ecological Responses to Wildfires.

For more information contact or call 707-595-0320 (email preferred) or find us at

Location: Odd Fellows Hall, 545 Pacific Ave., Santa Rosa 95404

Free with donations welcome.

Stop the Sonoma Co Airport expansion!

This week we are launching an effort to get signatures on this petition asking the Board of Supervisors to stop the expansion of the Charles M Schulz County Airport: 

Please sign now as we would like to deliver this petition with hundreds of signatures to the Supervisors next week. 

To sign, click this:

Reasons to sign

We are in a Climate Crisis.

  • Locally we are already experiencing impacts of the climate crisis including record high winds, wildfires, floods, and the loss of health, homes and lives.
  • In recognition of this, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has passed a Climate Emergency Resolution.

Air travel emits significant CO2 which worsens the Climate Crises.

  • A round-trip flight from New York to London generates an average of 986 kg of CO2 per passenger. There are 56 countries where the average person’s carbon footprint is less than that for an entire year.
  • There is a proposal to increase air travel at the Sonoma County Airport with plans to begin construction this summer on expansion of the airport terminal.
  • It is expected to cost $25 Million to expand the terminal (half of the funds have been obtained).  We need public support to STOP expansion of the Sonoma County Airport. To learn more and sign go to petition link. 

Santa Rosa passes Climate Emergency Resolution!

Thanks to all who wrote emails, showed up at the City Council meeting, and made public comments in support of a toothy Climate Emergency Resolution! We did it! Our voices were heard loud and clear!

On Tuesday, January 14th the Santa Rosa City Council passed a Climate Emergency Resolution templated off the RCPA’s Resolution, but with the following additions

  • the City sets a target of zero GHG emissions by 2030, commits to tracking progress toward that goal, and publicizes that progress on an annual (or biannual) basis 
  • the Climate Action Subcommittee will give consideration the List of Actions submitted by the community-led Santa Rosa Climate Emergency Resolution group

While we continue to show up and hold all of our electeds accountable, we also need to actively support their best efforts in all ways possible.

GASP(Graton Against Synthetic Pesticides) check them out at

In order to end the use of synthetic pesticides, we need to drive Awareness and Consumer Demand in a big way. Join GASP in Graton or use these ideas to make a difference in your home city.

1. Sign and Share the petition and pledge – stating you will not buy or consume conventionally grown wine. 

2. Awareness – Ask restaurants, bars and grocery stores for more organic/biodynamic wines. 

3. If you host events- make sure they supply with organic/biodynamic wine. 

Santa Rosa Climate Emergency Resolution Pending

Please send a short email to the Mayor, Vice Mayor, Council members, City Clerk, and City Manager [cut and paste all the addresses below] asking them to step up their ambitions and pass a meaningful Climate Emergency Resolution!,,,,,,,

Speak in your own words. Short and sweet is perfect. Here are some talking points to get you started:

  • Over 1,250 national and sub-national governments have declared a climate emergency (
  • There is no remaining “carbon budget” that we can safely burn.
  • Reducing our current emissions doesn’t solve the problem. It just slows down the rate at which we’re making the problem worse.
  • We have to put ourselves on a steep path to zero emissions by 2040 at the latest. That’s 7% to 10% per year starting now!
  • Just because there are many causes of the climate crisis that are beyond our control, we are still obligated to do everything that is within our control to address the climate crisis.
  • Perhaps most important: we need to set a clear goal of zero emissions and we need to annually track our progress toward that goal.
  • Implementing climate actions moves us closer to a clean, equitable, resilient, people-friendly future.
  • Many of the “no-regrets” actions that we can implement immediately save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time!

Another Way to Support Equitable, Local Climate Action in Sonoma County!

A growing coalition of community groups and individuals are banding together to push for Climate Emergency Resolutions at the County level and in all the cities – Petaluma has already passed a CER, and Santa Rosa is in the process of considering it. Sign the online petition to support the effort to pass the Climate Emergency Resolutions and immediate actions in our county to reduce climate emissions.