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350 Sonoma, an all-volunteer non-profit, is working to slow climate change and promote climate justice in the county. We're part of 350 Bay Area and inspired by, the international climate action organization founded by Bill McKibbon. We meet the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Join us!

Support 350 Sonoma Actions:

Ask state representatives to sign No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge

State Bills to protect people from pollution caused by extraction of Fossil fuels and  the Plastic reduction act failed to pass during the 2020 last session. The influence of Fossil fuel and Plastics Industry Money was instrumental in these defeats. Our own state representatives have not taken the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge.

Pledge Signers website (see which politicians have signed) Your CA State Senator Mike McGuire has signed and Asseblymember Bill Dodd has signed. 

  • Find their names and contact info here

Call or email your Assemblymember: Please Sign the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge 

Hello Senator/ Representative ___________, my name is ________ and I’m from [city], CA. I’m calling to ask you to sign the “No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge” to reject campaign contributions from PACs, lobbyists, or executives of fossil fuel companies.  Sign the pledge at to show your commitment to protecting the health of our families, climate, and democracy.  Thank you.  

Optional:  add why you care about the environment/ climate”

Imagine Sonoma County

Interact with/ add your ideas here

We need to start with a new vision of an equitable, resilient, zero-carbon Sonoma County in 2030 that works for all. We need bold, immediate actions. The purpose of this project is to encourage all members of our diverse communities to imagine that crowd-sourced vision for 2030, bring that vision to life with sketches, and to identify and advance the policy proposals that will get us there. To change everything, we need everybody! 

Sign MoveOn’s Electrify the USPS Fleet petition

USPS is replacing up to 165,000 of their aging delivery trucks. According to Postmaster General DeJoy, just 10% of them will be electric. USPS routes average about 20 miles. EVs have much lower lifetime costs to own and operate. All USPS locations have available electricity, and in most instances, 110 charging after shift and overnight is sufficient to meet route needs. Electric options make the most sense in most cases by far, and are a cheaper alternative. petition

Protect Sonoma Oak and Forest Lands

A group of conservationists from Sonoma County Conservation Action is urging the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to consider implementing a moratorium on county permitted tree cutting in an effort to save and preserve Sonoma County’s iconic oak woodlands.

“For decades, Sonoma County’s iconic oak forests have been excessively cleared in the name of development and vineyards. Much of this county-permitted cutting is being done without rigorous regard for the ecological importance of native oak and forest lands,” said Aja Henry, an assistant field manager with Sonoma County Conservation Action. “A moratorium on tree cutting is imperative for our native habitats as well as our ecological footprint as a county. If we are to really become carbon neutral by 2050, we need a moratorium on cutting until we have a clearer picture of the situation and have developed a realistic climate-oriented tree ordinance to regulate cutting in the future.”

Here is the complete article.

Take action by writing to the Board of Supervisors (or your Supervisor) asking for a moratorium on cutting oaks until a realistic climate-oriented tree ordinance is developed.

District 1 Susan Gorin –

District 2 David Rabbitt –

District 3 – Chris Coursey –

District 4 – James Gore –

District 5 – Lynda Hopkins –

Support Vital Lands Initiative

The Vital Lands Initiative is a comprehensive plan that will guide the work of the Ag + Open Space District for the next 10 years. Building on nearly 30 years of successful land conservation work, the initiative will outline strategies for protecting our vital open space lands to preserve agriculture, natural resources, recreation, scenic vistas, greenbelt areas, and urban open space.

Priority greenbelts and community separators as well as scenic landscape units and corridors will remain front and center in county land conservation under Vital Lands and per the voter approved legislation and acquisition plan. Greenbelt Alliance specifically supports the priority greenbelts that are mapped in Vital Lands as a one-mile buffer around the existing cities and towns, voter approved Urban Growth Boundaries and Urban Service Areas. This provides a strong visual and conservation goal for lands most at risk of sprawl and urban encroachment for the long term.

Vital Lands was on track to be adopted after a final public hearing in December 2019. However, at the last minute, the Farm Bureau blocked Vital Lands by objecting to the proposed allocations of funds for agricultural lands. To address their concerns, specific funding allocations were removed. All lands are preserved for multi-benefits including agricultural land. Vital Lands is widely supported by residents and organizations across the county.

Send email to/ Make phone call to:

Dear Supervisors, 

Please adopt the Vital Lands Initiative as proposed by staff at the Jan. 26 board meeting. It is the result of two years of public workshops around the county and is strongly supported.  (add any details of background info you’d like)

Thank you, 

Name & City

Sonoma Co. Board of Supervisors + staff;,,,,,,,

Call your supervisor via main number (707) 565-2241

Save Energy. Get Paid. With OhmConnect

Consumer Choice that can help with Climate Change

When the electrical grid is overloaded, you can either increase supply (usually through dirty peaker plants) or reduce demand. OhmConnect gets thousands of people to reduce their energy usage during a designated hour and gets paid by the utilities for that, just like they pay energy suppliers. OhmConnect’s members get paid for and become eligible for prizes by reducing their consumption during these designated “OhmHours.” These hours happen about once a week in the winter and 2-3 times a week in the summer. Tip: turn off anything that produces heat or cold – freezer, fridge, range, toaster oven, dishwasher.

When OhmConnect members get new people to sign up and become active, the new member gets $10 and the person who referred them gets $20.  OhmConnect has raised the referral bonus to $40 through the end of January.  Use our link to sign up and 350Sonoma will get the referral money via the account that one of our steering committee committee members has set up   350SonomaFundraiser

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