current actions we recommend

Food Localization Action Group Meeting

Thursday August 18, 2022 6pm, at the Sebastopol Grange

Please join us for a look at Two Paths To Local Food at our next Food Localization Action Group.  We will explore how both local government and direct community action can help realize local food autonomy, and pinpoint what each of us can do now.

When: Thursday Aug 18, 2022, 6pm outdoor potluck, 6:45pm indoor presentation and chat

What to Bring:  Your picnic set (plate, bowl, cup, utensils) and food to share, a mask if needed for indoors

Where: Sebastopol Grange 6000 Sebastopol Ave, Hwy 12

Sign-up here 

July 24-30 is Zero Waste Week in Sonoma County!

Join us for our first Zero Waste Week in Sonoma County! We will celebrate and promote waste reduction lifestyle practices through various events, workshops, and webinars. The week will culminate in our 3rd annual Zero Waste North Bay Symposium, which is a full-day conference. Listen to speakers and mingle with zero waste leaders in our region. 

Check it out here.

Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations

Stop Building New Gas Stations, Now! 

        Congas, The Coalition opposing New Gas Stations continues to hold the line! 

 You can help!  Please write to  your Sonoma county supervisor by JULY 12 and ask them to support a prohibition on new gas stations in Sonoma County. Read updates about Congas and how you can help here.   

Climate Resilient Lands Strategy Released for Public Input

Sonoma County’s Climate Action and Resiliency Division and Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District  released the Sonoma County Climate Resilient Lands Strategy, a document designed to provide structure and guidance to climate-related efforts throughout the county, with a focus on natural and working lands. Alongside the full draft strategy, an Overview and Critical Concepts document is also available, which offers a summary of the full strategy alongside key excerpts.  Submit comments on either document by 5pm July 15, 2022. The Overview and Critical Concepts document has also been translated into Spanish.  To read the overview click here.    Read full story

Food Localization Action Group Meeting

Thursday July 21, 2022 6pm at the Sebastopol Grange

Are you concerned about inflation, the environment, and ……………..?

Then come join us for a program hosted by Sonoma County’s Food Localization Action Group.

We will invite you to consider new ways of addressing the issues we face. After a chance to eat, drink, and socialize, we will discuss:

* How re-integrating food production into our cities and rural periphery can address social, economic, and environmental concerns.* Why we need a different way of thinking of farming and gardening.* How we can regain control over our lives and build a more self-sufficient society, right here, right now, without waiting for distant governments or elites to act.… and more. Plus, an exciting Q&A afterwards!Bring your friends, the date you want to impress, a good beverage, a dish to share, and lots of curiosity to the Sebastopol Grange at 6000 Sebastopol Ave, Hwy 12 on Thursday, July 21.

Potluck Dinner at 6pm, program at 6:45pm.

Free. (Donations welcome). See you there!

Please RSVP to let us know you’re planning on attending.

CA is drowning in plastic!

50% of the plastic we produce is discarded after single use.

The California Plastic Pollution and Recycling Act on the ballot in Nov. 2022 would responsibly reduce harmful single-use plastic packaging and foodware. 

Join Isabella Gonzalez Potter from The Nature Conservancy, who will be presenting background, possible solutions, and up-to-the-minute updates on the initiative. She will also share information about legislation currently in play in California to address the plastics crisis. All welcome!

350 Bay Area Action Legislative Committee Monthly Meeting 

June 12, 2022  3:00 – 4:00 pm

Zoom Link for Sunday June 12, 2022 at :

350 Bay Area Action: Link to 350 BAA

Support Transit Justice – A campaign by Sonoma County Climate Mobilization

  Public Transit is a vital part of a livable future, and we want to improve it!  

 We need your help to elevate Transit Justice & Transit Funding to high visibility and public discussion during County Budget Hearings happening June 14-17 2022. There are many ways you can support. 

Even if you’re not a transit rider yourself,  many people of all ages, young and old, rely on public transit. Car Traffic is a major emitter of GHG emissions in Sonoma County. It’s just good climate friendly common sense to create a safe, reliable, and affordable public transit system countrywide.

  • Send a letter to the editor: use our easy Letter-to-the-Editor Guide
  • Sign the coalition letter and get your organization(s) to fill out this simple sign-on form.
  • Share this list with your friends, email lists, networks, and social media.
  • Email and call your County Supervisor (or all the Supervisors) to tell them you support doubling investment in transit ASAP..

 Please open this checklist to get up speed on Public Transit in Sonoma County!    Transit Justice Action Checklist

Help Keep Disposable Food Ware Compliance Locally

Most cities in Sonoma County have now passed Polystyrene Ban and Disposable Food Service Ware Ordinances, which bans polystyrene foam containers,  requires other takeout food ware to be compostable or recyclable (no “compostable” plastic: not accepted at compost facilities), and mandates that utensils, condiment packets, straws and lids only be given out upon request by customers  

Please help report non-compliant restaurants/ businesses in Cloverdale, Healdsburg, Petaluma, Sebastopol, and Windsor (cities where the ordinance is now in effect) by filling out the simple online form on Zero Waste Sonoma website: Disposable Food Service Ware and Polystyrene…

Let Lynda Hopkins Know That We Support Strong Action for Clean Air

The Bay Area’s Air District is responsible for making sure that we can all breathe clean air. They have been slow to take action to reduce fine particulate matter, called PM, one of the deadliest forms of air pollution. Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chairperson Lynda Hopkins is a Board Member at the Air District, the body that makes decisions to implement or delay aggressive action.   

Send email to: Lynda Hopkins, Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chairperson

Suggested email talking points:

Good morning/afternoon Chairperson Hopkins,

Thank you for strong support for climate action. In reference to your role on the Air District Board, I support the strongest possible actions at the Air District to reduce health-harming particulate matter (PM). The worst industrial source of PM pollution in the Bay Area is from refineries, and I ask you to support the strongest Catalytic Cracking Unit technology to reduce emissions by 70%, technology that is in use at the majority of refineries in the US.

The Air District has the regulatory authority to take strong action against deadly air pollution. I am encouraged by your participation on the Board, and look forward to increasingly urgent action to reduce emissions.

Thank you,

Name, address

The Legislative Season is underway – time for calls and emails to support key bills!

Send email to/ Make phone call to:

Find out who your California Assembly Member and Senator is here,

Then use this doc to find out their office’s phone number:

Phone #s, Emails of Elected Representatives 

Script for Assembly Member:

Hello, my name is ____________ from ______ (your city). 

I am calling to urge Assembly Member________(your Assembly Member) to vote YES on AB 525, which creates goals for offshore wind energy that will help create good union jobs and help California meet our 100% clean electricity goals. 

I also urge the Member to vote NO on AB 1139, which would create steep new charges for rooftop solar by utility companies, making it harder for homeowners to afford installing solar panels. 

Lastly, I support the governor’s prioritization of climate goals within the budget, in particular, the allocation of money for infrastructure and incentives to implement the state’s EV goals. 

Thank you.

Script for State Senator:

Hello, my name is ____________ from ______ (your city).I volunteer with 350 Bay Area Action, which promotes policies to reach ambitious climate change goals. We have hundreds of members concerned about climate change in the Senator’s district. 

This year, we are prioritizing four senate bills. We ask you to vote

  • Yes on SB 47 to clean up Hazardous/Idle Oil and Gas Wells. 
  • Yes on SB 372 for Purchasing Assistance for Electric Trucks. 
  • Yes on SB 596 for Cleaner Cement and Concrete Production.
  • Amd yes on SB 99 for Clean Resilient Energy and Microgrids.

Thank you!