Send email to/ Make phone call to:

Find out who your California Assembly Member and Senator is here,

Then use this doc to find out their office’s phone number:

Phone #s, Emails of Elected Representatives 

Script for Assembly Member:

Hello, my name is ____________ from ______ (your city). 

I am calling to urge Assembly Member________(your Assembly Member) to vote YES on AB 525, which creates goals for offshore wind energy that will help create good union jobs and help California meet our 100% clean electricity goals. 

I also urge the Member to vote NO on AB 1139, which would create steep new charges for rooftop solar by utility companies, making it harder for homeowners to afford installing solar panels. 

Lastly, I support the governor’s prioritization of climate goals within the budget, in particular, the allocation of money for infrastructure and incentives to implement the state’s EV goals. 

Thank you.

Script for State Senator:

Hello, my name is ____________ from ______ (your city).I volunteer with 350 Bay Area Action, which promotes policies to reach ambitious climate change goals. We have hundreds of members concerned about climate change in the Senator’s district. 

This year, we are prioritizing four senate bills. We ask you to vote

  • Yes on SB 47 to clean up Hazardous/Idle Oil and Gas Wells. 
  • Yes on SB 372 for Purchasing Assistance for Electric Trucks. 
  • Yes on SB 596 for Cleaner Cement and Concrete Production.
  • Amd yes on SB 99 for Clean Resilient Energy and Microgrids.

Thank you!